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I was born curious by nature.

I was the kid who always had to know how everything worked, so I took apart more toys than I played with. Yet, I always managed to put them back together.


At my core, I'm still that kid, taking things apart and reworking them so the pieces fit in a more succinct pattern.

For the last 7 years, I've donned dual hats as both the Founder and Head of Creative Strategy at Visionary Rising, breathing life into projects for startups and legacy brands, crafting narratives that resonate and captivate. My professional tapestry since 2013 includes threads from tech titans like Apple, Microsoft, and Nielsen Media, and high growth startups such as Decent Labs, A Cloud Guru, and Royal where I led strategies responsible for generating well over $100 Million in profits. 

Yet, my core drive remains unchanged: to create ecosystems where creators don't just survive, but thrive. I'm on a mission – to ensure artists hold the reins of their creations, to monetize in authentic ways, and to collaborate with brands that truly get it.

Hi, I'm LaTecia,

I make the intangible tangible. 

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My Career, so far 

15 Years

in experience working with, launching, and growing brands.

10 Years

as a successful entrepreneur, including 7-years at the head of my own creator-led company. 


campaigns developed, managed, and activated across 40+ countries. 


in budgets managed for brands, creators and startups as they scale. 

Ask me about the ROI :) 



Visionary Rising (VSNRY)

Head of Growth 


Global Music Partnerships Lead 


Director of RevOps + Strategy 

A Cloud Guru

Senior Sales Ops Lead 

Apple + Apple Music

Senior Digital Strategy Manager


Senior Sales Ops Lead 

Apple + Apple Music


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ICBB)

Management & Strategy Institute

Project Management Essentials Certified

Management & Strategy Institute 

Global Transformation 

Harvard Business School Online

Cornell University 

Women's Entrepreneurship

Additional Skills

Public Speaking

Writing & Communications

Project Management

Operational Effectiveness 

Content & Growth Marketing

Creative Innovation

Brand Strategy

Brand Leadership

Brand Partnerships

GTM Strategy

Creator Economy 

Creative Direction 


Throughout my career, I've led the pursuit of identifying trends to craft nuanced strategies, always aiming for precise execution to meet  targeted goals and elevate the expectations. My approach incorporates the overarching objectives of a project to build comprehensive plans, motivating teams, creators, and stakeholders to transform ideas into tangible results.

My focus on creator strategy fuels ecosystem growth, particularly within emerging technology, laying the foundation for revenue-generating partnerships that epitomize the innovation at the heart of what I do.


Leveraging data visualization and artfully designed presentations, I make complex insights accessible, enabling all involved to engage deeply with the information. This alignment of creativity and strategy, coupled with an emphasis on operational effectiveness, sets the course for success, infusing every aspect of a process with the detailed insights and deep strategy that are hallmarks of my work.


Senior Consultant + Strategist

LaTecia Johnson is an entertainment & technology executive and entrepreneur at the intersection of culture, community, and creativity. Currently, she’s Founder of Visionary Rising (VSNRY) – a creative studio for brands and startups ready to scale. On another front Head of Growth at at FORMLESS leading creator initiatives and overall customer lifecycle for the tech platform, aiming to build virtual and physical experiences that enable people to live more fulfilling lives.


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