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Songs of Freedom is a curated playlist that features songs, sounds, and artists that represent freedom as a celebration of Black music's contribution to our shared cultural understanding. 


"Songs of Freedom" is more than just a playlist; it's a poignant musical tapestry interwoven with melodies, rhythms, and voices that encapsulate the very essence of freedom. This collection brings to the fore songs, harmonious sounds, and iconic artists who not only represent the spirit of liberty but also the enduring legacy and monumental contributions of Black music to the world's cultural fabric.


Each track, handpicked with intent, traces the evolution of Black music, from its roots in soulful hymns and rousing blues to the dynamic genres of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and beyond. The playlist pays homage to trailblazing artists who, through their art, have voiced generations' hopes, struggles, and dreams, forever shaping the musical landscape.

The Content 

  • From 2019 through 2021, we released 3 playlists on Juneteenth and in the midst of Black Music month to celebrate Black artists and their contributions to music. 

    • 20 pieces of Interactive Social Media Content 

    • 3 Playlists 

    • 4 Written Articles 

    • 300K combined reach 

    • 40% new audience 

    • 15% increase in lead generation efforts 

Listen to the Playlist

We meticulously crafted and presented a curated playlist that seamlessly intertwined genres, moods, and narratives, providing listeners with an audial journey unlike any other.


Additionally, we produced accompanying editorial content to delve into the stories and emotions behind each song choice, offering our audience not just a listening experience, but a comprehensive immersion.


For this project, I served as the Head of Creative and Editorial. This collaboration brought me together with a content producer and writer, ensuring that each track not only fit the desired mood but was also introduced with a rich context that enhanced its appreciation.


In 2021, our standout feature within the playlist, titled "Black Music is House Music”, was an inspired selection of tracks that explored the interconnectedness of nostalgia, hope, and the contribution that Black artists made to house music long before it had its moment with Renaissance.


My editorial vision aimed to guide listeners through the ebb and flow of memory, using the history of shared narratives from Detroit to London, and back again to the thoughtful arrangements of the present.  This segment was designed to resonate with anyone who's ever looked back fondly, only to find renewed inspiration for the future – all within the span of a song.

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