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A visual campaign for VSNRY HAUS, the uniform for the creator class. 

Visionary Rising (VSNRY) / Head of Creative

As the Head of Creative for this launch, I spearheaded the conceptualization and execution of this campaign, drawing inspiration from the idea that creatives should have a uniform.  With a keen eye for aesthetics and storytelling, I directed a captivating photo shoot that encapsulated the essence of our brand merch, resulting in a blend of fashion and narrative.

I conceptualized a lifestyle campaign to unravel the narrative of a fashion line's evolution.

There's a palpable synergy when creativity finds its rhythm.

The inaugural release is a thematic representation of the clothing line's philosophy. My artistic direction focused on using settings, lighting, and model placements to capture the essence of each outfit's story. For this collection, a tale of creative grace meeting streetwise tenacity, I employed a blend of edgy outfits with bold urban backdrops. This juxtaposition was designed to evoke the sentiment of a wearer who's as comfortable at a chic rooftop soirée as they are on bustling city streets - confidently striding forward, no matter the setting.

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