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Single camera performance video shoot for an emerging independent music artist. 

Visionary Rising (VSNRY) / Creative Director

Torre Blake is an aspiring artist with a soulful sound and a future that is as bright as the lights in Los Angeles, where she now calls home. 
Prior to her move, I worked with Torre to plan and organize a video shoot to capture content that would serve as updates for her brand, live performances, and website.  

We ended up capturing so much more. 

Results: We shot 4 full-length performance videos, completed a photoshoot, and grabbed behind-the-scenes content to tell the story of an artist evolving.  

I led a production team of 7, including a director of photography, editor, makeup artist, set designer, and audio engineer. 
When things flow - they just FLOW. 

 The first release, 'Ain't Thinkin' Bout You' was an acoustic version of her song with the same name. I chose to tell the story of each song through the lighting of the video and placement of the band that accompanied her.  For this track, a story about loving, losing, and moving on, I chose red to evoke the feelings of seeing red at the end of a relationship, but still wanting to let the person know that you've moved forward - and ain't thinking about them at all. 

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