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Groundbreaking Diplo and Royal partnership. 

Royal / Global Music Partnerships Lead

Royal is a marketplace that builds and sells digital assets that represent ownership in music.  In 2022, I led Global Music Partnerships for the platform, interfacing the with artists, labels, and their teams to create releases across a global audience(aka "Drops). One of the most prominent ones being Diplo who partnered with the team for an unforgettable drop. 

Don't Forget My Love - Drop Overview 

The Content 

  • Developed comprehensive release strategy, ensuring timely and impactful launch tailored to both the artist and platform audience.

    Including extras strategy to augment the main release, enhancing user engagement and providing additional value.

    Acted as the Partnership Director, coordinating and overseeing various facets of each collaboration, ensuring synchronized project execution, product timeline adherence, and the timely creation and delivery of necessary assets.

  • Goal: Create digital assets that symbolize ownership in music, developed and sold via the Royal marketplace.

    Overview: Don’t Forget My Love was inarguably one of the most unforgettable songs of the spring and our teams worked together to maximize efforts across social media culminating in a Twitter spaces that took place during the drop.

    • Total Revenue Generated: $400K 

    • Earned Impressions: 2M+

    • Billboard

    • Financial Times

My task was to mastermind and execute an immersive digital drop, fusing interactive experiences with music snippets of the song that turned out to be a runaway hit. This not only amplified the fan experience but also proved to be a financial triumph for both the artist and the Royal community. I led a stellar team of 6 bringing together diverse talents including a digital asset developer, an intuitive UX designer, a strategic marketer, and a content curator. Each of these experts played a pivotal role in sculpting the success of our collaboration with Diplo's team. 

When technology meets artistry, bolstered by strategic commercial foresight, the resonance is unmistakable.

This drop served as a testament to Diplo's musical genius and the our team's strategic prowess. Under my leadership, the project aimed at seamlessly integrating visual aesthetics with audial pleasures.

With Diplo's pulsating beats and eclectic rhythms at its core, we painted a digital landscape that transported fans from the electrifying dance floors of global festivals to the serene sunsets of beachfront jams. Every beat, every pixel, was intricately designed to capture the duality of freedom and fervor, mirroring the essence of what it means to truly feel the music and invest in its future.

This immersive venture culminated in the successful sellout of 20% of the record, generating a staggering $400,000 in revenue in a few hours, and going to win a Grammy furthering the distinction of this project as the first WEB3 project to be Grammy-nominated (and win!).

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